Teaching Philosophy:  Seize every precious teachable moment of any individual, lavishing upon them the tools of art exploration, soaked with empowerment for personal growth, knowledge about others and the pursuit to actively contribute to the world in positive ways.

Teaching is the gentle breeze that set the embers of my passion for art ablaze. It is important that
I share this passion for art and ignite the flame in others who seek guidance with their artistic abilities, just as
someone had done for me. Nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing my gifts with the world.

Imagine being on the top of a majestic mountain overlooking the most breathtaking landscape filled with swelling ridge-lines, enormous lakes, countless trees and grass-filled meadows. The clouds hang low enough to reach out and taste.  Every assortment of creature roam about in their glory. The air is swimming with life.  You begin to feel a tingling sensation in your back.  The feeling is subtle at first then increases in intensity.  Suddenly two bony nodes poke through where your shoulder blades rest.  Then before your brain completely registers what is happening, you sprout these enormous pure white angelic wings.  Do you stand arrested, crippled with fear and fall to ground shuttering in tears, or do you arch your back, shake the feathers open, expand your new appendages and give them a try?
I flew!

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.” 
 Maya Angelou